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Charles Eames Lobby Executive office chair

Eames Lobby chair ES104
Italian leather,aluminum base high density sponge. 
With tilt and swivel function. height adjustable. 
Size: w71 x d72 x h78cm


Charles Eames Lobby Executive office chair

Product Description:

The products designed by Charles Ray Eames have a structure, function, and appearance that conforms to scientific and industrial design principles, which has become a characteristic that Miller cooperates with his design, enabling Miller to remain invincible in the market. In 1946, he adopted the popular low-cost multi-layer plywood chair hot forming process design, which was a major turning point in Miller's modern design, with lightweight, popular, and attention to new materials and production processes. He is a versatile designer who not only engages in product design, but also works in graphic design, exhibition design, and photography. He successfully combines these disciplines and forms an interdisciplinary industrial design style in his own design. The interior, seats, and other designs designed by Ames have considerable influence worldwide, and there is still a lot of work to be done to continue production and popularity. The chair he designed in 1956 is known as the most outstanding representative of lounge chair design. The public airport lounge chair designed by him is simple and sturdy, with a strong sense of the times. It is the most preserved airport in the United States to this day and an outstanding representative of American design in the 1970s.

Lobby-Executive-office-chair Charles and Ray Eames Lobby Chair ES 104The Lobby Chair's structural principle makes it similar in terms of comfort to the Lounge Chair. It consists of three individual upholstered sections connected by means of aluminium side sections.
The Lobby Chairs were originally designed for the lobby at the Rockefeller Center in New York, in subsequent years various versions were produced, but they all have one thing in common: outstanding comfort.