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Togo sectional sofa vintage leather

Togo sectional sofa in vintage brown leather sofa,
 Size in 1, 2, 3 seat, corner seat ottoman as followings
 3seat 174x104x77cm
 2seat 133x104x77cm
 1seat   84x104x77cm
 ottoman: 80x87x38cm

Togo sectional sofa vintage leather

Product Description:

The Togo Sofa is an epitome of modularity, designed to adapt to any space and fulfill any need. Its unique modular design allows for endless possibilities, allowing you to customize the configuration to fit your specific requirements. Whether you're looking for a compact seating solution or a spacious sectional, the Togo Sofa can be configured to suit any space.

 As with fernet, Arrested Development, and Ines Rosales’ anise crisps, the iconic (and currently very trendy) Togo sofa is an acquired taste. At a glance, a Togo sofa looks like an inviting squish that’s perfect for plopping upon—and it is—but as with most seemingly effortless pieces of design, this sofa is the product of intense engineering. It was designed by Michel Ducaroy for the heritage French meublier Ligne Roset, which has been in the furniture biz since 1860, and continues to crank out loveseats by Pierre Paulin, origami-inspired couches by R. & E. Bouroullec, and more swoon-worthy pieces. Only with Togo, Ducaroy said, “What if we made a couch… with no frame.” (Easier said than done—but let us be the first to tell you, he did.)

When it made its 1973 debut at the Parisian Salon des Arts Ménagers, the Togo was awarded the coveted René-Gabriel prize for being such an “innovative and democratic [piece of] furniture,” as well as one of the first modular couches on the market. Today, each Togo sofa is still painstakingly hand-sewn and constructed with layers of cloud-like polyurethane foam to hug your body without ever losing its shape.